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Since 1997, we've been offering quality courier express services in Utah. From personal experience, we understand how crucial good courier services are to running your business — and how hard it is to find good couriers.

Prior to starting the company, our founder, Robert Ringler, worked at a facility that used couriers frequently. On one occasion he hired a courier for a “hotshot” delivery for a client in an emergency situation. 25 employees were not able to work until the delivery arrived. Robert was very disappointed with the service he received from the courier company. It took over three hours to deliver a part from a city 30 minutes away. He nearly lost his job because of the couriers’ incompetence. Robert started to research the market and found that this was a common problem. He knew that he could provide something better for the companies in Utah. Within six months J & R Xpress Couriers was born.

Starting out with just a handful of vans, our dedication to customer service has allowed us to grow our fleet to include cars, vans, and box trucks. When you need to send a package fast, you can count on us to get it there on time. You've got to keep your commitments to your clients, we're committed to helping you make that happen with our Quality Delivery Guarantee.

No subcontractors work for J & R Xpress. By building our own team of drivers and staff, we are able to keep the quality of service that our customers deserve. We have the resources needed to deliver your packages on time with our in-state same day delivery. We understand the value of dependable, quick service. Our commitment is to help you fulfill your commitments.

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