Our Services

Our Services


LTL, Standard, Priority or Hot Shot Courier Services

You need a package delivered today. You are in a time crunch. J & R Xpress Couriers will provide you with the level of service you need.
Your priorities are our priorities.


LTL Same Day Courier Services


LTL Same Day Service

(In-state/Same Day)

WHY WAIT for next day or next week courier services? You should expect more from your delivery company. If you have less to ship than a full truck load, we have your solution! We can deliver anything up to 12 pallets (10,000 lbs) in one drop. Most LTL Services have an expected delivery of next day or next week. We are unique because we can get your product delivered same day within our delivery areas (Logan to Payson), and strait drive time for deliveries outside our standard run areas. We don’t make you wait! Our per drop rates saves you money.

Set of cargo boxes ready for delivery. Use our standard courier services.

Standard Service

Standard service includes multiple runs out of Weber, Davis, Salt Lake and Utah counties each business day, with one run out of Cache and Box Elder counties daily. The price is determined based on the weight/size and mileage from pick up location to destination. We ship all different types of packages; from paperwork to parts to equipment, with weights from 1 oz. to 10,000 lbs.

Smiling male postal delivery courier man outdoors with priority/hot shot courier services

Priority/Hot Shot Service

Need it NOW!

When there is a pressing need to get a package delivered as soon as possible, we will provide a designated vehicle to get the job done right away. Delivery can be anywhere, anytime within the western states.  Pricing is determined by weight and distance traveled. The priority nature of this type of delivery service is to get your package to the desired location as soon as possible (a direct shot is what you are looking for). This service is available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.


For more information, email customerservice@jrxpresscouriers.com.

**Commercial accounts only.